I hope you will be my supporter with at least $50 to create an amazing pastry shop. I need to reach my goal. I am convinced that you will help me reach that goal.


Here’s the plan:

  • A pastry shop

  • A kid-trepreneur training section

  • A reading area

  • Launch a foundation for causes that affect children

My skills and commitment speak for themselves. I started this business at the age of 7 succeeding without missing a piano lesson, a ballet lesson, maintaining my grades, spending time with families and hanging out with my friends. I was able to hire 3 part time assistants and pay them faithfully with the earning of my business. I have fed the homeless, donating funds to the Haiti and Puerto Rico Hurricane relief. Donating goods and kids items to the Bahamas Relief Effort. I have donated over 2,300 cupcakes since the start of my business. I have 5 kidtrepreneur Jr learning the hoops of business. I have trained over 30 kids at FANM Summer Camp Free of charge. I have trained over 75 kids at the Florida Baptist Convention. I have motivated over 10,000 kids and adults through my books and my speeches as a keynote speaker and have participated in countless panels. I have been a judge for young entrepreneurs competitions. And guess what, I want to do more. I am 3 years older than when I started, I can do way more! But it will not be possible without your generosity.


Joy’s Yummy Cupcakes is a team effort! Any donation of a $1,000 or more will go on my Tribe of Influence which will be displayed in the pastry shop & experience.


Can I count on you to support Kid-trepreneurship?

Millions of thanks. Let’s do this together!


Delphine Nephtalie Dauphin

Author, kid-trepreneur & Owner of Joy’s Yummy Cupcakes