I Am a Kid-Trepreneur

I Am a Kid-Trepreneur


Delphine Nephtalie Dauphin may be just seven years old, but as a successful kid-trepreneur, she makes every decision in all aspects of her business. In this guideline, I Am a Kid-trepreneur, Delphine shares a few business-minded recipes that can help her peers achieve success in early entrepreneurship.
If you have ever thought of starting a business, but didn't know where to begin, this book is for you. In this book, I Am a Kid-trepreneur, Delphine highlights the necessary steps from start to growth. I Am a Kid-trepreneur is a must-read for ambitious kids and parents of minors who have shown interest inentrepreneurship. This book can help you step out of your comfort zone and develop a business idea that might be the next success.

About the Author
Delphine Nephtalie Dauphin, also known as Joy, is a Kid-trepreneur. She is the owner and baker of Joy's Yummy Cupcakes by Delphine, a company that she founded at the age of seven. She has participated at the Miami Book Fair and The Miami Gardens Wine and Food Experience. She has a passion for the arts and for entrepreneurship.

Delphine has been leading an annual all girls PJ party during the Christmas season to connect with her friends. She is a Princess and Pearls ambassador, philanthropist, pianist, and ballet student. When she's not baking, doing her school work, surfing the net for research or speaking at events, she is most likely reading a good book or watching her favorite show on Netflix. Delphine resides with her mother in theCity of Miramar, Florida.

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